Is my shyness turning him off?

I started working at this store about 3 months ago. One of the assistant store managers caught my eye because he's so cute. He initially used to act like he doesn't notice me so I used to stare at him whenever he walks by me until he's out of sight. When I had issues and needed to talk to him he always sounded curtly professional. Surprisingly, three weeks ago, he suddenly started saying hi, smiling at me and even looked into my eyes. I was so taken aback by this new change and although I'm shy on a normal day, I became even more shy around him so much that I only seem to blush when he says hi or anything instead to speaking back to him. After a week he stopped talking to me and now only smiles at himself when he sees me. Could he have lost interest in me? What could be running through his mind?

He hasn't been around the store for about a week now. I miss seeing him so much and I'm confused about how to act when next we see.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He sees your blushing as a sign he has you under his finger and feels smug when seeing you. A change in your attitude will let him know he blew his chance with you and put you back in control.

    • I have tried to see it that way but his expression is not smug at all. He just looks at me from across the room a lot. Like he's watching me...

    • Then you have to get in closer proximity. Just break into his space a bit and ask him some questions. See how he reacts to you.

    • God no! Oh dear! Part of my confusion is that I don't want him thinking that I'm only after what he can do for me as an assistant Mgr. I didn't even know who he was until I had already fallen for him. A lot of people try to get close to the management and he may see as using my beauty to get him.

What Girls Said 2

  • i think he is just backing up a bit because he notices that you are uncomfortable and doesn't want to make you feel this way. all g girl, anyway if he truly likes you he will approach you any how.

  • Yes. He probably thought that you were not interested in him and he decided that it was a lost cause to keep trying with you.