One of the best date but... why?

I had one of the best where i met him at an event as we had friends... we instantly felt something for each others... then talked and kissed all night. Then he took my number and didn't call me. Is he not interested? Or was he just looking for a one night fling?


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  • He may have misplaced your number. If you have his... contact him


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  • He was interested but he probably thought he just wanted to hook-up with you and just might of had other options at the moment


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  • Sometimes kissing on the first date immediately sends the message that you're easy.

    • Kissing? No it doesn't. If you go farther than that on a first date, yeah, that kind of would.

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    • I know you said sometimes. I just disagree that it is any time. I am chill sis.

    • @neoagent1 he wanted more but we ended uo kissing... and he was holdig my hand etc... basically all over me but we spend time talking and getting to knw each others... it just went from warm and comfortable to cold...