Was I to hard on him?

I have been in a relationship for over 2 months and I do love him and he says he loves. We went away for the weekend and he keeps checking other women out , we went for a drink and he turns and says she has a nice ass , it got to me so I asked him to stop being disrespectful !! I was upset and he said I'm being a drama queen ! He even says he thinks everyone fancies him even men ! Am I being g to hard on him? He's pushing me away


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  • Have an open mind for a second; Did the girl has a nice ass? While it's not the action of a gentleman, a certain character of men find a girl who can look at another and say "Well, damn she IS hot" quite endearing.

    Personally I'm not going to point out another female to my SO unless it's hilarious or a train wreck of sorts.


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  • Absolutely not! You are not being too hard on him.
    The fact that he doesn't realize that his behavior is disrespectful even After you pointed it out shows he has a Real problem. And then he tell you that your being a Drama Queen when you do talk to him about it? That is a sign of a sociopath narcissist! Read on how to address narcissists. You cannot let them allow you to question your own values and boundaries. Stand your ground. Not necisarilly in an argumentative kind of way. Just don't let him lure you into thinking that you are somehow out of line aka drama queen.


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  • yes it's been two months it's not like he's cheating, and I'm quite sure u subconsciously check out other men

  • Depends on the relationship. I know a girl I was kinda with who would comment on other dudes AND chicks and asked if I agreed. Some others would find it distasteful. Just express how it feels. If he cares for you, he'll be more conscious next time.


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