Girls, do muscular guys make you feel small and protected like tall guys do`?

I see how many girls like tall guys because they make them feel safe and protected, but is height the only thing that makes a girl feel that way.

I am 5'9, but really muscular, if a girl is lets say 5'7 or 5'8, do you think she would feel small and protected by me? Would you feel small and protected next to a guy who's close to your height but really buff, or would a skinny tall guy make a bigger difference?


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  • I wouldn't really look on how much muscle you have to feel protected but how much of a man you are and your self confidence... and you can be short next to a girl and you can be really tall its all about who your standing next to.. I'm short I like tall guys but you know not tall as a tree...


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  • I think that should compensate for being a tad bit short. Because he has a BIG physique. Or with a BIG personality / truck.


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  • great question. I'm looking forward to seeing the opinions