Should I give my ex-boyfriend a chance?

Should I give my ex- boyfriend a chance?

We broke up a year ago because of his insecurities, lack of motivation, neglecting our relationship and his heavy drinking. We were together for 5 years.

We reunited and I helped him get healthy through doctor's appointments and a detox program.

When we broke up, it was not official between us. We had a fight about his drinking and loss touch. I was hoping he would man up and fight for our relationship. He kept in touch via text and I held on hope. I didn't feel that I should call him because I did most of the initiating in the relationship. In my heart it was not official and he kept contacting me via text so I could not move on to another. I love him so much.

Well he confessed to me that he slept with two people while we were apart. I feel incredibly hurt. He says he thought I was dating and didn't think that he would see me again. I explained we never broke up, we kept in contact and was hoping he would fight for us. I feel betrayed.

He is now resentful with me because he says I was not around and he is not at fault. He is doing much better with the drinking and has been sober for two months.


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  • Not only no but fuck no


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  • That's a lot of baggage you'd both have to move forward from. Sometimes a clean slate is the better choice.


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  • Say hi to Chad for me... Some people just never learn.


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  • Just like things didn't work at the first time.
    There is no guarantee that it will work the second time. Some people just don't change.
    It's your choice if you wanna risk yourself by giving it a try.