How to respond to one word answers?

This girl who me and her recently decided to give things another shot with is acting cold. We hardly ever talk anymore and we used to talk all the time. When we do talk I try to make convo but she just sends one word or really short replies. Should I just not respond back or how should I fix this?


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  • It's soooo frustrating when you only receive one word responses. I always view it as a sign of indifference , and that the person is only responding out of politeness.

    I always stop messaging people who aren't responsive in texts, because I feel I'm being a nuisance by texting

    Talk to her about it, and ask her why. Tell her how you feel. One word responses are cold , and you can't have a quality convo based on one word. Imagine you doing the same to her, I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate it


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  • I usually don't bother if they're being like that. Sometimes I'll make a comment on it, or just k bye, or nothing.
    Either way dont bother, I had one girl who was into me and gave me the worlds shortest replies, but generally it's a way of saying 'I dont want to talk'.


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  • Depends... what exactly do you want from her?


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  • She's just not into you or she's pissed.