I really want to know, is he interested in me?

Quick background... we met on tinder a few weeks ago. He initiated and we started talking. Then we continued to talk through Snapchat. We go to the same college. I asked him last week if he'd like to meet up sometime for lunch. He said he'd like to. After discussing timing and stuff, we realized our schedules really don't match up. So I just said to let me know if he had any free time and he said he would. He's incredibly busy.

Anyways, we accidentally ran into each other the other day in the quad at school. He saw me and said my name.. he hugged me and we talked for a while about how each other's day was going. I noticed he had a drink from a booth that was selling them as a promotion or whatever and I said that it looked like a cool drink. I was with a friend, and I had lost her after I started talking to him so I walked away to kinda see where she was and he waited for me to walk with him to go buy his food from the snack shack. I said I better go meet up with my friend and he hugged me good bye. So I sat with my friend at a bench. After a couple of minutes he walks over to me and hands me one of those drinks, I said thank you. Then he went to sit down with his friend, and he got up to leave the quad and walked back by me and asked how the drink was all smiley and I said it was good and I'd talk to him later.

The thing is, I'm always Snapchatting him first, but he will immediately respond, or respond when he gets the chance. And he will continue the conversation with me. He seemed so happy to see me the other day. I don't want to be annoying to him. I like him so much, I don't want to do any of that "test to see if he likes you by not saying anything for a couple of days" stuff. I kind of tried that, he has initiated once or twice... but I hate waiting. I just want to hang with him, get to know him, and see how things go.

But based on what I've said, what do you think? Is he interested? I really need outsiders feedback. What should I do? Thanks so much.


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  • I wouldn't say romantically interested. Based on your tired of trying tests, I would say that this is not a likely future relationship..


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  • Sounds like he is interested :) Just do what you feel is right and let him know you are interested. Life is too short to wait around.


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  • Girllllllll!!! He's SO interested! I can't even! If he's responding ASAP he's totally hooked! And he was hugging you!! Yes. He likes you a lot. If you haven't tried directly flirting with him, try doing a bit of that her and there. Because believe it or not he's already been flirting subtly with you! He's totally into you! Try talking more often. And no, you aren't annoying to him at all! His heart skips a beat each time that you message him! All you need to do is find a time in eachother's schedules to go on a date. Honestly, this is going perfectly! I'm so happy for you guys!! :)

    • Thanks so much!! I'm horrible at flirting, and a little terrified of doing it. Do you have any suggestions?

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    • Ahh thank you. I really hope he actually likes me though. I haven't talked to him all day.. I don't know what I should do

    • Yeah you're very welcome! :) It's okay if you guys don't talk all the time. Me and my crush haven't had an actual conversation in days, but we've had subtle nonverbal conversations if you know what I mean. Like quick glances at eachother etc. Because your eyes can say a lot! And we were telling eachother that we were still interested even if we weren't talking.

  • By readimg what you said, it seems like he likes you! But maybe he is not sure about you yet or he is like taking it slow (like most of the guys). But he is deff interested. Just keep on talking to him and try to be patient, I know it's hard because I'm in the same exact boat. You just want to hang already so bad and get to know each other!!