Can you be addicted to someone you don't know?

What is the definition of being addicted to someone? And can you be addicted to someone by just staring at them and by there looks?


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  • That's not addiction that's infatuation. You are caught up in the ideal and appearances

    • what does being addicted to someone mean then?

    • Being addicted means that thing has control over you. This person can't control you if they don't even know you

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  • I believe yes, because I already experienced what you are talking about, but I am not sure it it is not some kind of obsession, which is not healthy at all...

    • what situation were you in? if you don't mind me asking

    • No problem, I can say I got addicted to some guys only by their looks several times, I imagined they were someone I created only on my mind. I imagined they were perfect without even knowing them, and sometimes I kept thinking about them a long time, always forgetting about the real guys I already knew. That addiction you are talking about sometimes is nothing more than some lack of life experience because when you start to understand that a really cute/ apparently interesting guy can be a total douchebag or the reverse, maybe you will start to see things differently, and maybe stop being addictive, as you're saying :)


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  • no, to me that's called obsession