PLEASE HELP! Met a girl on tinder-had top notch flirting/banter through the app, asked her out - we're on for Friday night. NEED FIRST DATE IDEAS PLS?

Hi all,

Desperate for advice from anyone and everyone for some first date ideas. Had a few first dates via tinder the longest relationship lasting 6 months and the others barely 6 weeks... This bird seems terrific and I want to make the effort to do something AWESOME unlike my previous efforts to date which have involved meeting at a conveniently located random pub/bar... Want to make this the best first date she's ever had which will be a matter of chance as I have no idea what she would be into LOL! Any/all ideas of what your ideal perfect first night out with a guy would be and what you would like to do?


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  • Netflix and Chill? 😂
    Jk, a nice restaurant maybe something romantic.


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  • Buy her some food and drinks. Be relaxed and chill with her. Don't be nervous or scared around her. Maybe buy her a rose or flowers. But that is optional and up to you.