Like me? Also, flirt or just compliment?

Guy asked me out three times, but I was talking to someone else at the time (I really liked him, but A- didn't really know him and B- like I said, at the time I was talking to someone else). He said he respected that and thanked me for being honest and upfront with him. After a little awkwardness for like a day, we began talking again. He helped me with homework and checked in on me when I was sick, but he never asked me out again. He always opens doors for women, seems to be friendly to everyone, helps people, buys people stuff if they can't afford it, and brings food for the class to share. I got my bottom hair dyed purple for Halloween and he sent me a message saying my hair looked pretty cool. Does he like me still? Was that compliment a flirt? Does he sound like a good guy? (we are both college freshman btw)


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  • seems like a legitimately nice guy :)


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  • It seems like a very nice guy and it seems that he does like you. Maybe tedt the waters and flirt a little bit and see how he reacts