Boyfriend of 7 months has started seeing someone else what to do?

My boyfriend reconnected with someone that he knew years ago and has been texting and seeing her a few times a week for about a month now. He's told me that he didn't want to see other people and he really likes me a lot. Really enjoys spending time with me. I see him almost every day and we have a great sex life. If anything that keeps getting better. I just don't know where his head is at and what to do. When we're together everything is great. But sometimes he doesn't respond to my calls or texts right away and I know he's with her. I found out about this when I looked at his phone. He's not hiding it from me we use each other's phones all the time. They are texting like they are a couple and I don't think she knows about me. Any suggestions on how I should handle this or what I should do?


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  • Tell him you don't want him talking to her, that you thought you two were exclusive and that she has no part in your relationship


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  • You could say that this situation makes you feel uncomfortable and you want him to explon what this other girl is to him. If he says theyre just friends then trust him :). If he avoids the question I'd say there's something else going on.

    • Thank you. There is definitely something going on between them. They text like they are a couple about every day stuff and he takes her out on his bike. He told me that he wants to build a life with me before I discovered this was going on. Maybe he has changed his mind and won't tell me for some reason? Why would he stay with me and still be with her? I just don't get it. We don't fight and have a great relationship.

    • That is a bit unusual for someone who is supposed to be in an exclusive relationship. Explain how you see the situation- he might not even be aware you see it like that. Talking us the best solution. Good luck :)

    • I will talk to him and see how that goes. Thank you!


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  • If you're not okay with whatever relationship he has with the other woman, then tell him straight up. If he refuses, then leave him. Otherwise, sit back while he continues whatever he is doing.


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  • Just talk to him. Set boundaries if it bothers you