Why would he lie about being with her?

There is a guy I've worked with for a year. I felt a connection the day we met and I believe he felt something too. Through my investigating, I realized he was with someone when we met and they broke up about 5 months after we met so he's been "single" for about 7 months now. But, I also know he still lives with her, they share a dog, they still do things together and while he may technically not be committed to her, their lives are still very much entwined. He mentioned her a couple of times but only referred to her as a "roommate" and a "friend". He recently took a trip and I know he was with her. But when he came back, he lied and said he was alone.

He and I are strictly colleagues and though I feel a connection, nothing has ever been said, implied or initiated between us in any way. So, I am confused as to why he would lie about being on the trip alone when I know for a fact she was with him? If he was making overtures towards me, I'd chalk it up to him being a douche who's lying to get in my pants and acting like he's unattached in order to do so, but NOTHING has been spoken of anything like that between us, so why not just say he was there with a friend? Why lie?


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  • The only reason why he'd lie is because he has interest in you too and doesn't want to lose you as a possible option. Of course, instead he's exposed himself as a liar who can't be trusted.


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  • Lying to get in your pants, they live together so they're automatically screwing. Possibly even still dating even if its not on social media... Me and my ex lived together too at one point after the break up.