Is it normal to randomly be really sad and miss someone?

I think about and miss him everyday but lately I've been doing okay handling it but some days out of nowhere I'll just randomly get super sad and sometimes even cry. Other days I feel like I can survive but days like today I just really miss him and then I start looking at pictures of him and miss him more... If all goes well I'll see him in about 4 months but that's too long 😥 I don't want to overwhelm him by trying to text him all the time either because we're not actually dating (long story) but I just miss him a lot... this can even randomly happen when I'm busy and not supposed to be thinking of him. I do love him but this is starting to become too much sometimes


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  • Its very natural.

    My fiancé died about 9 months ago, I am starting to feel human again and then someone will say her name or I will hear a song on the radio and it all starts over again.

    Missing someone you love is good and it natural. I would worry if you didn't miss him


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  • Miss my ex too and sometimes I would get randomly sad but be strong - look after yourself and spend most of your energy on yourself not on him.


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  • What is the story?


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  • If that person meant a lot to you and was a very significant part of your life then it's understandable