A guy has crush on me but he has a gf?

So I met a guy recently and he invited me to hang out with him. We talked a bit about our interests, studying and such and we flirted like crazy the whole time. He's not some super hot stuff but he definitely has very charming personality. I'm 100 percent sure that he likes me and he knows exactly what button to press to make me like him... and I think I might like him back. But the thing is that he has a girlfriend. He even lives with her for 5 years. He tried to assure me that this is no problem because they have both agreed to see other people which seems kinda weird to me. He told me that things between them two are not the same as before and he 's not happy with her anymore. That his life is getting monotone with her. I'm so confused because I don't know if he means it seriously or he seeks some temporary excitement and just wants to get in my pants. Moreover, I wouldn't like to date someone with a girlfriend and I don't want to break someone else's relationship... but I think I like him. What do you guys think? (Btw I'm 22, he's 27)


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  • He has a girlfriend, so just leave it alone


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  • Hmmmm... Yeah my friend has literally been in almost this exact same situation... Yes, he might seem great and everything, but yes, I believe that he's not interested in getting in your pants. He's looking for excitement and something new. And you have all of that. Lots of the time guys will try to trick you into trusting him that it's okay, which he's already started Doug by saying that his relationship is going bad and that him and his girlfriend are seeing other people. Let's be honest. Those are lies. And you could sense it, that's why you came to here and asked for help! Good job! :) The very fact that you went for help in this is just a sign that you sense that something is off about this, and it likely is. I would try to distance myself from him or even try telling him directly this situation. You know him better than me, do do whatever method you think would work best! Good luck :)

    • Thank you so much for your kind reply :) I could smell the lies but I wasn't really sure what to do because I've never been in such situation before. I think that if I don't put an end to it I will just end up hurt.

      So I decided to tell him how it is and try to distance myslef from him. I'm supposed to meet him this Wednesday so wish me luck :)

    • Yeah! You're welcome!! ☺️ Yeah! That situation was definitely pretty scary I think! Yeah we don't want you getting hurt! Yeah! Good luck! You got this girl! ☺️👍🏼


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  • Don't give him the time of day until after he no longer has a girlfriend.

  • Yeah just stay away from him. Nothing good can come out of this


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  • Do they have kids?

    • No, they don't. But I think I don't want to break their relationship anyway...

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    • That's good trust me when I say always follow that gut its their for a reason 😊

    • Considering I lived with a ex I know the deal