Rejected me, but now maybe likes me?

I would like to start off by saying I tried to ask her out, but she rejected me twice saying the first time she was "busy" then the second time she said "I would but I'm talking to someone right now". I respected that and moved on, found other girls I liked and attempted to pursue them. However, I still talk to her, but now more than ever. She'll talk to me in class more often, sends me snaps more often and so on. I thought she was just being nice and so I tried to return the favor. She said she was sick, so I checked up on her a little throughout the night, and I also helped her with some trouble on homework etc (I genuinely try to check up on any sick friends or help anyone who needs it, I wasn't just doing it to get her, just the way I am).

Just the other day, I was walking with a group of my friends, and she starts yelling my name, and running up to me, saying I didn't wait for her and where was I (she never walked with me before besides one time a while ago). She then joined the conversation and walked with me all the way to my classes. She acts super responsive now to texts, almost instant replies, and always replies. She acts a little more playfully and teasing, but she did the same sort of thing when I tried to ask her out before (not to this extent though).

So, my question is this, does she suddenly like me now? Sure I like her but I'm also very skeptical. Reason I'm skeptical is that she acted similar to this way before, when I tried asking her out the first time. I don't want to embarrass myself by asking again, but I also don't want to seem like I don't like her if she likes me. Any thoughts?


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  • No, that doesn't mean she likes you.


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  • She wants your attention, not you. Girls are like that, they'll make it seem like they're interested, but deny you. Just move on.