Is she not into me or just scared and what can I do?

About 2 months ago I initiated a relationship with a surgeon I work with. She is 29 and I am 24. Everything was great initially. We had great conversation and we're also physically compatible. Before I initiated the relationship I knew she would be moving next summer for a 1 year fellowship. In the days leading up to her finding out where she would be going things began to change. She was understandably stressed. Once she found out she was very happy because she got her 1st choice which is 7 hrs away. From the beginning she told me she was scared how much she liked me and I know her last relationship took its toll on her. She is adamant that a long distance relationship is not something she wants and I can not go with her and it would not make sense for 1 year. She has continually stated that she is not ready for "this" to end and repeatedly states she cares for me. Recently told me that we should just stay friends till she figures out what she wants. She stated this was not because she doesn't care for me or isn't because of someone else. I initially tried to give her her space and let her come to me but she reacted to that negatively and initiated contact within a day. I am trying to be understanding and let her figure things out for herself without rushing her. What if anything can I do to help her?


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  • this happened to me too. I just think their goals take higher priority right now. she probably is torn because she likes you. at least that is what was told to me by my love interest who is also studying to be a doc.

  • I am sorry, but she is not attracted to you and you should definitely move on.


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