Girls , a little help here. I suck at flirting?

Ladies could I get some input here , I absolutely am the worst at flirting.
I value everyone's opinion here.
Thank you all in advance.

I forgot to mention that I was asking for help with flirting
Flirting with girls and such.
Sorry I didn't include that


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  • Hmm... compliment the girl. If she got new hair, say how much it suits her? I'm a sucker for guy with a good sense of humor so horrible pick up lines always get to me. Don't be creepy, follow them around, or be like "I could sniff you all day". No. Major NO. Anything that would boost her ego or make her blush or smile is good. I'm just going off what I like, when a guy is there for me and notices that i need to be cheered up, ultimate turn on. Not a creepy, randomly coming up to you and weird eye looking. Eye contact is good, but not too much of it. Be cool, calm, and confident. (All C's!) Not cocky. If you clearly see thats she's not interested, don't keep trying unless... ya really like her. Sometimes girls play hard to get (you can see that they blush, or try to hide that they like it) but some might not. Consider those things. Oh and the most important thing, be yourself. Just be you.


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