Unlucky with men?

All the guys I've dated have eventually faded away or things didn't work out.

I mean I feel like most 23 year olds have at least one successful relationship and I know its wrong to compare - but I have to.

At this point I'm wondering if its just me.

No one has ever told me why they left or why they wanted to leave. When I asked, they all said something similar to - its not you.. its me.

I mean how can they say this is the age when most people get married and I still haven't found anyone.

I guess I'm just feeling sad and need some words of encouragement?



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  • It's not how many relationships you have it that's you have that one good one, the one that matters.
    I didn't find my girlfriend - my fiancé - until I was 27. Until then I never had a relationship just on again off again dating.

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      But didn't you feel like.."This is taking so long" loll

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    • 1mo

      Eventually, yes. We're in the same boat. But I realized, as did @enis_Penvy, that I should work on myself and the time will come. I've had long term relationships (one being 8 years), they just didn't work out.

    • 1mo

      Thanks for MHO

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  • Hey you are doing better than me! I have never been in a relationship. :D Also it might be the type of guys you attract. Ones with... issues.


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