Would you go out with a person who had acrid farts and was constipated all the time?

i take supplements for bodybuidling. so im always constipated. one sup has a crapton of fiber. too much. but i can't do without it. i need it badly. but like you can feel it on my stomach sometimes poking out of my large intestine if im laying down which i think is really gross. and protein powder farts can smell soooo bad even i can't stand them. but it varies. most of the time its fine and i dont pass a lot of gas at all since im constipated but for a couple days every now and then bad farts. i kno this is a really silly question but im serious. i worry about it if i get in bed with a girl and she feels my stomach and can tell that there's this hard part.


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  • No, I just couldn't.


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  • Maybe she could just punch you so hard in the stomach? For your own good lol 😈


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