Unintentionally clingy?

So I met this guy at a functuin and i totally thought we clicked, however he didn't ask me out but I knew his facebook user name. He sent me an inbox throught FB asking we link up. Which we did and we got along sooo well, while having a conversation i jokingly called him a fuckboy, I apologised and he wasn't having it. He blocked me on the app we talked on, 3 days later he called though and expressed his disdain, and asked me out again. We me again and during our link up, I called my friend and had a 20 minute conversation about a guy friend who is sick and was worried about. He didn't like that and thought it was rude, so he called me a cab home. A day later I thought it would be cute to blow up his phone apologising a, I sent like 4 cringe worthy texts that were sooo cheesy, but meant it as a joke then he sent me this "I've been getting your messages and calls. I don't want to seem harsh or rude but you need to stop. You're actually creeping me out. You barely know me dude, and you are saying the most things like we've dated for years. With that said, please refrain from contacting me. Sorry, didn't mean to be harsh but you have gone overboard and I'm not interested in it. Otherwise I hope you're well. I know you've told me you can't be chilled, but you need to learn to be for the next person. Guys aren't into that at all. And I'm not going to teach you cause I've been put off now." my question is is there a way to fix this or does he think am major crazy now?


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  • he doesn't know you and im sure he took you the wrong way but you didn't really sell yourself did you? early impressions from his point of view would say run


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  • Walk away... the more you try to salvage this the worse you're going to appear. You can't impress everyone, chalk this on up to experience and learn for next time 😊


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  • nah you're into deep just stop talking to him, if he wants to hook back up he'll message you

    • he blocked me after that text on Facebook

    • yeah you kinda killed it with him, its really up to him now its out of your hands, wish you the best of luck though lol, happened to me before with a girl but she never hit me back up lol, you learn from your mistakes though

    • lol! I learnt, hurts that he thinks am crazy

  • You're 111 years old Bertha, a bit too old for this shit.

    • hahahaha I am way too old for this man! I got to chill

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