Psychotic older sister?

Sister of 30 has always been very bossy and demanding, if she didn't get her way she would curse us out, my mom never kicked her out, she kept bullying us. She is 30 now, no life experience, a christian who thinks god will tell her how to get to new york, and heal her teeth, she talks to her online boyfriend whom she has never seen for over ten years and call him her boyfriend. Because of her we all suffered from instability sometimes when i close my eyes i still hear her screams she ruined our childhood and for that i wish her hell, she also dragged me down to her depression and now im 24 with nothing much left.


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  • my childhood was ruined too but for different reasons. all i can say is get out and get on


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  • Probably she is depressed and has low self esteem because of no life experience at her age, plus her immature behavior makes her angry at everything. Is she unemployed? If yes she needs a job, start from small job is okay. Keep her busy is the better way than let her stay at home and troubling you guys. Gbu :)

  • Firstly, at 24, you have everything. It may not feel that way right now but you do

    To be blunt it's clear from what you're saying that your sister has some significant mental health issues. Has she been to see a doctor and diagnosed with anything?