Does he only wants sex?

.. I met this guy through a friend of his. Never seen him before. But the friend gave me his number and we started talking on whatsapp. This was like 1,5 week ago. He immediately talked about we should meet up. That weekend he asked if i was doing anything. He got a bit jealous cause he thought I was going to meet up with his friend ( the one that set us up). I asked him what he wanted to do, he said get drunk (and that he was new in the city and if i knew sonewhere we could go). I think this should be the first Red flag already xD. I didn't really know a good place so he suggested his house. I wasn't planning on going there, but then i came to him and we got drunk. He kept trying to kiss me, even tho i obviously said and acted like i didn't want that. But he kept persuing (laughing and telling me it didn't work that way), so I ended up kissing him. didn't think I would hear anything from him because I didn't want to kiss him the whole time and stuff. And he was trying to be flirty and touching me and stuff. Then he messaged me three dsys after First date on Monday asking how i was doing and stuff, we talked for a bit. The next day I messaged him and he asked if I wanted to meet up on Saturday, or maybe earlier but that he was very busy before that. I said I wasn't sure cause i was busy. Then he messaged me again on Thursday asking how I was and stuff, we chatted for a bit. Next day he texted me again asking if I was doing anything that night. He wanted me to come over but I was busy. (He wanted to drink, smoke and kisses). I didn't have much time so he made a joke about a quickie. When I asked if he meant that literally, he was like "No but I want to see you". So we ended up hanging out the next day. I could tell his mission was to get me that drunk and high that I would sleep with him.. and sadly it worked

He had to carry me to the bed ( pretty fucked up if you think about it). Then he took of my Jeans and my underwear and started to eat me out and then fuck me. The whole thing lasted 10 minutes. After he directly stood up and went to clean himself and later me (i was still in bed). He told me I should go ( reason because I have a curfew and it was way after my curfew) or he was being a douche I don't know. He didn't even want a second round, but told me we could do that another time
He helped me with my bike and gave me a small peck on the lips. No message that night. he did send me a text the next morning, with a "morning" and if I got back okay. It was a very short convo and I haven't heard anything from him till now. Last text was two days ago. So Yeah... by the way he like 30 and Im 22. Dont know if that helps any. But does he see me like a bootycall or a one night stand or something?


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  • Sounds like he is using you for booty call unfortunately. He sounds like a loser and I would recommend you stop seeing him. You deserve much better then him.

  • All guys ultimately want is sex. Relationship dynamic. Girl love spending time with a guy. Girl uses sex to get guy to commit. Guy likes sex enough with girl then guy will commit. congragulations you are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

    If Girl gets bored of guy she dumps him and finds someone else. If guy gets bored of fucking girl or she gets too old/fat he dumps her and finds someone younger and hotter.

    This is dating in 2016 y'all.

    • Hm. I dont think it works like that. You can't just assume that you're in a relationship just because you had sex these days. Its more common that guys keep having sex with a girl Without the boyfriend/girlfriend

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  • He only wanted to have sex with you.