Lately, he's been acting very different. I don't know what to do?

I've known this guy for 7years now and have been dating for almost 2years and we've been through a lot of hardship mainly because of him. He's always liked me and chased after me when I only saw him as a friend. Then when I actually started liking him, he became more of an asshole. One things for sure is that he would always call and text me or FaceTime more than I do to him just to check on me and see how I'm doing. About 5 months ago, he lost his job and around the same time I've seen a tremendous change and he's more secretive than ever. He doesn't call like he used to, he still texts but now it has a cut off point during the day and he doesn't check on me and call me randomly anymore. If I call him the phone just rings and he never calls back. I talked to him about it and it hasn't changed. Also, I got a tip that he has a job now and he hasn't told me. If I bring up "how's the job searching going" he says ok and if I say how its strange that he still doesn't have a job or that I know he has one, he just plays like I'm dumb and says "did you give me a job" However, if I ask him what he did for the day he always says "he took care of some things" but he can't ever tell me what it was, even if he was working. There's so much other things I can go on about because he's put me through a lot.


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  • That means that he most likely got into something that he should not have.

    • But if where I heard he works is true, what's the big deal in telling me that you work or that you're working there. Why all the hiding and being vague with me? Its not a bad job and it's right in the field of work he wants to do. All I wanted to do was be happy and congratulate him on getting a job.

    • I'm not sure about why not sorry.

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  • He's probably not that interested in you.