Why would this guy told me I am not his preference) :?

I have been dating a guy for not so much time but he seems into me, he always text me first and tells me how pretty I am.

But last night we were with his friends and he was a little drunk and he told to one of his friends that he prefer brunettes over blondes. I am blonde and very pale.
Now I feel that I am not his type and that maybe I should get a tan.

Maybe I am reading too much but I really like him


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  • Clickbait title 😂😂
    He didn't tell you that so don't take it personally. Everyone has their preferences but doesn't mean they can't like anything outside of their preferences.


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  • plenty of guys like pale skin, don't get cancer over some dumbass.
    and blonde and pale skin... yummy


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  • Well, he didn't tell you that, he told his friend that. And just because you aren't a preference doesn't mean he isn't attracted to you. You're reading way too much into that.

    • I know I am reading too much haha but I was right next to him.

  • I don't want to seem rude and hope you're not taking this the wrong way but I think you're reading too much into and and he was drunk.. People say stupid things when they are drunk..