Girls, Shy Girls starts the conversation, what next?

So I have been going to collage for about 5 weeks, in the furst week I noticed this girl who wasn't talking to anyone, I started talking to her she was really nice and I figured she must be shy. I have been talking to her now and again since then, she rarely talks to anyone, and never unless they start the conversation, though at the end of today she started a conversation with me, when I was getting up to leave she stood behind my desk and said hi to me, when I replied with a hi back she paused for a second then quickly replied with I was just making sure mine was better than yours (pointing to a piece of artwork I finished, we are on an art course), she really has never been nasty or full of herself so I think it's just the first thing that came to her mind. So what should I do? I mean I like her, but I don't want to make her uncomfortable or scare her off.


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  • Honestly, I'm really shy and anxious when it comes to conversations but when somebody starts a conversation and keeps it going for a while, I'll start to lose my shyness and become more open. You should keep talking to her and wait for her to be a little more comfortable with talking to you. (It can take days or weeks depending on how shy she is, so don't worry, it'll come with time.)

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      Yes I understand, it's just the fact she came over to me and said hi, which I'm assuming ment she wanted to talk to me. I wondering what next? Do I just continue and wait until she can start a full, proper conversation or do I try and get some progression? Like I don't know ask to walk her home or something?