How do I deal with this situation - I am just a student and he is a teacher?

I met this amazing guy during an internship (I am a medical student and he is in his first year of being a doctor, he finished last year). After I finished the internship, we started talking and finally started dating. I have been with him for like... 7 dates or something and it is really amazing, we have amazing chemistry. Now that things were starting to be more serious, out of nowhere, he told me he is not so sure that we are doing "the right thing" and says that he is afraid of things getting awkward. I am not his student but he is the teacher of one of my housemates.

Does this mean he does not like me at all? If he did, I think he would be more positive and find a way of making it work. I already told him that I don't want to get into a serious relationship right now, neither does he, but we are dating and were having a really great time together. He seems very insecure.


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  • i think he is doing the right thing
    if anything wait a little bit give him time


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  • Move on.