Girls, Ladies, an amazing girl came into my life and I'm confused as to if she likes me. Can I get some opinions, please?

There's this girl I've known for a while. She's very timid until she gets to know people. We didn't really talk until about a month and a half ago? We met at a friend's birthday and hit it off a little. Later, we talked over text, and we got along. After, we met at another friend's birthday, where I mentioned how I had a date with a girl who wanted to have sex on the second date. I complained to everyone at the table about how there weren't any girls that wanted to take things slowly, to which she muttered under her breath "oh, gee, thanks" (at the previous birthday, she had mentioned how she wanted to take things slowly if she dated). After asking her what she said, she denied saying anything (though one of her close friends told me she heard the same thing I did in response to what I was saying). I asked her if she wanted to go out with me. She asked if she could bring friends, and we ended up going together alone. At the end of the "date", I told her I didn't think I was attractive, and that girls who think I'm attractive are blind, and she said that "maybe you're the blind one". Before leaving to catch her bus to go home, I hugged her and she had her arms around my waist tightly (apparently this positioning matters). I asked her to go out again, but she said she was busy and we could go out again another time. Now we've just been casually talking about each other's interests and whatnot, and we both really got invested into some literature and have been texting a lot. Went out again she played with her hair a lot. She joked that we couldn't be friends at some point because I hadn't watched some Disney stuff. She seemed to enjoy herself though.
She's had a history of apparently not wanting to date people and really sucks at dealing with her feelings. Physically, her type seems to match up with me. For the record, she's drop dead gorgeous and she's a really sweet, kind girl, and we /really/ get along. Plis halp, girls! Im super dumb when it comes to women lol


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  • She does not.

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      Thanks for being straight up

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      No problem, thanks for mho :)

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