Did this guy just ignored me? More info in the description?

My crush Tim knows my friend ( he doesn't know me and we dont talk) he came to say hi to my friend after walking past our table we was sitting ( me and my friend we're at the coffee shop and I was facing her and my back was to this guy) So he didin't see my face that well because he was standing behind me. It was hard to say anything to him other than hi (I said hi to him first). After that I looked over at him once and he looked back at me haha but mostly he was looking at my friend ( he was facing her). He asked my friend how she is doing etc and asked what's our plan for the rest of the evening... they didn't talk that long. He seemed little nervous while talking to us. Was he ignoring me? This is the same guy that always stares at me. I thought he would at least introduce himself.



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  • Maybe he's decided to go for only one girl at once. He's a sensible lad.

    • my friend is engaged, do you think he's interested in her?

    • It sounds like it, from what you said.

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  • Some people are just socially a bit awkward. He may he felt weird in the moment to talk to you. Or he is shy. I wouldn't read too much into.

    • You're right. He knows that she is my bestfriend and they don't even know each other that well. But still he maked the effort to talk to her infront of me. Was he just trying to make me jealous?

    • I wouldn't overthink it.

  • Yeah he did