What do I do? Am I an idiot if I go for him?

Everything was great in the beginning! He pursued me, we were just acquaintances before. He asked for my number and asked to hangout. When we hangout the second time he told me he had just broken up with his ex two months ago, but was over it, he told me he cheated. Out of no where a few days later when we were out he told me he was 'trying not to kiss me' and wasn't over his ex, so I told him we should just be friends... After that we didn't really talk for a month and a half. Then last month he shows up to the bar when I invited all my friends out (not him). He kept coming over and wouldn't leave my side. At the end of the night he wanted to walk me home, I refused. He was super flirty but I just didn't recipracate. I saw him a few days ago he picked me up with our mutual friend. We ended up talking and sitting together like always. We have a connection and are just drawn towards eachother. Definitely chemistry and attraction. I try to do me but every time I'm around him I can't help but get those feelings for him. What do I do? What is he thinking? Does he like me? Am I am an idiot if I go for him? We have fun together, I want to get to know him better.. advice?


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  • Yes you're an idiot if you go for him. He isn't over his ex, he's a proven cheater and he's a proven lier in that he said he was over her but then flip flopped later. All he's looking for is sex. Walk away from this one. You've been warned


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  • Go Slow with Joe... Wasn't over his ex.
    He is showing me that with some Nursing and Nurturing he Could very well, I can Tell, Forget her in Time down the Love Line.
    Have patience. It's not so Easy when Someone like this Heart Felt man, had Love and may Still do, for a Heavenly Dove.
    This is telling me that He Has a Heart and if a Mate, he would be Great.
    However, don't Wear your Heart on your Sleeve so Quick. It's also very Percarious and of course, Nothing life but Death and Taxes for Sure.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Go out with him. It sounds like all you would need to do is stop ignoring him and he would do the rest.

    • So I should ask him to hangout? What is he thinking?

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    • Yes, I would.

    • I was thinking of asking him to help me move or to do something low key, any suggestions?
      And do I tell him I like him? Or does he already know?

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  • Well, honestly, for me at least, I get a bit of a "player" vibe from him... But he does seem to really like you! And if you like him back and trust him, I'd say go for it! He's really persistent and obviously hasn't really stopped thinking about you, this has been over a couple of months!! Most guys would just quit, so I think you can trust him! He's human, he made a mistake in his last relationship, and I really think that he wants to be good for you! And! You like him back! But, do what makes you feel the most comfortable! And if he makes you feel comfortable, go for it! :)

    • How do I go for it? I have no idea where we stand?

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    • Thanks for the support and advice

    • No problem! 🤗

  • Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction of this guy. He is not over his ex and is using you as a rebound. He is an admitted cheater, and will only continue his behavior.

    All he is thinking about is getting with you to try and distract himself from his ex, which never works.

    Until he is over his ex, he is incapable of liking or loving you.

    Ignore the feelings you have for him, he will just run you over like a semi truck and leave you in the middle of the road broken once he is done.

    Find someone else who is not fresh out of a relationship.

  • I would not go for him because people who are ambiguous are unpredictable. One day he will be hot another cold, this will mess w/your emotions. I was dating someone like that and he ended up hurting me.