I matched with a guy online, never met - but he sends me a friend request on Facebook... should I accept?

I recently matched with a guy on Coffee meets Bagel app - we have had two casual conversations, and the last conversation he ends it with "hope to see you soon, maybe after your launch :) ", as I have been really busy past two weeks with my startup business, so I haven't had a chance to talk to him properly. He knows I am busy with my priorities as well.

He seems like a really nice and sweet person, he sent me a friend request on Facebook, and I don't know if I should accept it... I don't know much about him, and I feel accepting him, basically is him getting to know me without finding out in person.

Am I correct to not accept his request yet? Should I tell him that I only accept people I've met before? It is kinda weird to just add someone and not know them in person right?


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  • its just facebook.

    but if you can't give a definite yet from the start, then you just take it a lot more seriously so explain to him you rather text through other means before doing that shit, unless that is a huge commitment to you as well lol


What Girls Said 2

  • Don't be silly, hun. You have already gotten the Ball rolling so go Ahead And... Accept.
    Facebook is a Great Social Media Site to know Someone better, no Matter who.
    However, you can Eventually tell, until the Tea for Two, if He is a Cunning Catfish. You would See Some Sure Signs.
    Good luck. xx

  • Not at all! I even think that it's make communication a bit easier! It might be a little awkward at first, but it's not like he's a complete stranger either! If he was then no don't accept. I'd say, accept him if you're interested in him, if you're not too interested, I wouldn't. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing and won't worry about! Remember, it's not that big a deal in the end, so don't stress about it! :)