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here's what happened so after school my issue was all day in school he saw me looked dead at me but never you know tf walked up and talked or whatever anyways but after school he was standing with some of his friends and my older cousin he is a senior but i was standing by my other cousin their brothers then the oldest one left it started clearing up he said its " hot asf outside" then he slowly starting walking by then he walked over to me and i said " i hate you go away" then he said " love you too" he started walking off slowly so lol i said " F___ U" he turned around looking at me smiling so i turned to the side looking at him doing that dafuq look then turned around he told me " love you shi" thats my nick name he started walking away then he said " you know you my baby girl" then he blew me a kiss? what all this mean man


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  • He is overconfident, arrogant lol

    • whattttt lol break that down cause the thing is we aren't dating I've always known he had feelings for me all last year he would deny but those actions were very loud but now he's like stepping uppppppp

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  • I agree with the other opinion I think he is really confident or maybe trying to tease you in a flirty way.