Should I break up with him?

We've been together for 11 months. Recently I have noticed there's a lot more things I'm not the happiest with. First of all, his parents are both abusive and also show no respect to me at all. They ground him if he's home past 9:30 and blamed me for making his grades worse (even though all I do is offer to help and give tips). I know the family part isn't 100% a problem when you're 17 but it does affect him and stresses me out a lot. They also give him no freedom whatsoever and dictate his entire life. Although I try to explain to him how I need to be comforted he doesn't really try and won't talk about it with me when I bring up concerns. I also feel like there's not as much passion. I love him but I don't want him to not get what he deserves and I'm scared he's just afraid to hurt me.


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  • Yes break up with him

    • For what reason do you think so?

What Girls Said 2

  • Did you talk about it with him? I think there are so many more solutions other than break up. Are you sure he doesn't love you as much as he used to? I say you should really talk about it with him before breaking up. You need to be sure no other solutions work before breaking up.

  • You should both get your own place and wait till you're old enough