Being an empath how does it feel being single?


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  • I'm an empath and I just ended a long term relationship this summer. In general, I don't like being single. Even more so, I hate dating - the beginning stages of the relationship where you're still getting to know each other. It's almost like I want to just skip to the finish line and be in a serious relationship, when we're already familiar and comfortable with each other.

    But actually, being single hasn't been too bad so far. Sure, I get lonely sometimes, but overall I feel good and my family tells me I seem happier.

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      I love it but other people seem to be the ones that have more of a problem with it. I think some of the married guys wish they had the opportunity to be single and looking or something, so they get annoyed that I am not looking.

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    • 1mo

      Yep, that's what they want to do. They even point out girls that are looking at me and sound deflated when I'm not rushing over hahaha.

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      You described me there with getting to the finishing line. I think I must seem too fast forward when I start a relationship with girls
      Non sensatives require time to figure someone out we don't we know straight away usually if someone is good or bad for us.

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