Do you cuddle your hook-ups through the night?

If you have hooked up with someone, would you cuddle them all through the night as you are sleeping or is that too "relationship-y?"
spooning specifically.


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  • Well, it depends on who it is and how I'm feeling. If I really liked them as a person and I had a pretty crappy day heck yeah! But if I wasn't too interested in them, probably not. Cuddling in my opinion isn't too relationship-y to begin with though. I cuddle friends and family all the time, it's just something that you do to show affection like hugging! :)


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  • I am not into hookups, but if you want to be cuddled through the night - you shouldn't hookup, but search for a partner.

    Hooking up is about sex and physical pleasure - not about intimacy and affection.

    • I didn't ask to be cuddled - hence the confusion. So if he wrapped himself round me all night (which I did enjoy) he was looking for intimacy and affection?

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    • We didn't end up having actual sex just foreplay. He's had the chance to have sex twice now but hasn't. He is recently out of a long-term relationship so perhaps I'm just convenient.

    • You are quite likely convenient, yes.

  • If they wanted to.


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  • Depends on how drunk I am :P in general I like cuddles but it doesn't mean I want intimacy. It was the same for my partners till now