Ladies, when you take a while to reply to a guy's text are you doing it purposely? If so what's the purpose?

I ask because I never take it serious if a female I'm interested in doesn't reply to my text within several or so hours. I usually assume she's busy. But part of me wonders if maybe she is trying to send me a hint that she's not interested or just playing hard to get?

I personally don't think waiting is a big deal. People get busy and text messages are for unimportant things. So why should a man have to worry when there are more important things to worry about? But if there are any ladies that feel differently please prove me wrong. Don't feel bad about your answer, it's the internet, honesty is good.


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  • sometimes I do it intentionally but not bc I'm not interested. sometimes I just want to look busy, sometimes I don't want him to think I'm just waiting around for him. sometimes I do it bc he did it to me, sometimes I do it just to peak his interest and make him wonder why I haven't texted back. if I'm not interested I won't text back at all. or he'll get the one word response


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  • Well personally I hate getting messages 30 to an hour later, that's just fucking rude and disrespectful. Unless they're SUPER busy. I understand, otherwise stop beating around the bush and fucking answer my message😡😡

  • Depends if I'm into the guy or not.

  • It depends what she's doing when you sent the text. If she's working, or on a night out and can't hear the phone, or left her phone somewhere and can't pick it up until the next day, a few hours is fine.

    If she's sitting at home watching TV, anything over an hour is lack of interest.

    If she really likes you and is trying to play it cool, she might take her time but it will still be fairly quick, half an hour at most between replies.