Should I ask my middle school crush out, my senior year of high shool?

So when I was 7th grade I knew this guy and I just had a little crush on him and during 8th I didn't see him again. As we entered high school him and me started marching band and grew to be friends. Now that its my senior year of high school I want to tell him my feelings for him before we both leave our separate ways.

Me and this guy have 2 classes together and sometimes we go to his house to chill or do homework. I consider him my friend so I dont want to make things awkward.

Should I tell this guy that I like him or not? And if you need more details you can comment about it and ill try to respond!


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  • Go for it, you never know, the feeling may be mutual.


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  • There's still about three quarters left of the school year. If you don't think you're seeing any signals from him, and you only want to confess to him because you're going to go your separate ways for college, you shouldn't do it this early into the year. It will make things weird if your feelings aren't reciprocated.