Is it normal to feel doubtful of a new guy after a failed relationship?

I experienced my 1st real BU a year ago. I loved the guy and I put my all in the relationship, he ended up taking me for granted. I am starting to date another guy and I keep having doubts, just afraid that he isn't into me as much as I am into him. I would rather be single, then be in a relationship like that again. We are doing LD and although we aren't exclusive yet, we aren't dating anyone else. He is a terrible texter (he told me that), sometimes taking hours to respond, but he does send sweet texts (good morning/night etc). He never initiates vid chats, but is always open to them and we could spend several hours talking. Can these doubts just be because I was hurt in the past? The guy hasn't done anything wrong, he respects me and is very sweet to me. I am going down to see him next month, he is even giving up a trip w/friends for the time I come visit (he mentioned the trip, but I didn't know when they were going). Normal to feel or no?


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  • Yeah that's pretty normal especially since the last one was your first and you gave it everything

  • Eh. You're getting too old for doubt. You should give up on doubt because it doesn't get you anywhere. Don't wanna have doubt your entire life. Just quit doubting and believe that you'll figure out the best thing which you likely will.

    • Its keeps me grounded though, I had so many doubts in my 1st relationship and I tried to stomp them out, until there were too many. I'm kind of afraid of what I may figure out though.

    • You seem like a lovely woman. I wouldn't put much hope or thought into a LD relationship, so you should keep yourself distant and available. You want to find a man who is in your area, who you can have a real relationship with. That's a good goal. With internet dating, you can have as casual or as personal relationship as you would like. I wouldn't get involved in anything LD because what's the point?

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  • That's perfectly normal. Most people have doubts after a failed relationship. If you didn't have doubts, you wouldn't be human.