Does she like me if she asked me out on to coffee?

So a girl in my college class asked me to coffee right after class and she even offered to pay for my drink (there is a starbucks on our campus). We chatted for about 45 minutes (keep in mind I've talked to this girl in class for about month already since I sit next to her). The problem is that I wouldn't say I'm the best conversationalist but it did last 45 minutes plus we talked for 15 minutes waiting in line so that is about an hour. She was checking her phone near the end since the convo went a little stale. She ended the date with "oh it's getting late I need to go home." Did I screw up? I think I was kind of boring I don't know.


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  • That's what I seem to do when I need to find an exit out, but it doesn't always mean I don't like the person. If anything, I don't wanna make things more tiresome and will want to hang out another time when we're both more fresh (: and I do think she was interested since she invited you for a chat and coffee.


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