Girls, It's been 3 weeks since I broke up with ex of 5 years and I have a first date tomorrow with someone?

It's been a while since I've been on a first date. Amy advice?


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  • Well, my advice is to not put any pressure on yourself. It is just one date. Try to have a good time. It's likely that this first date won't lead to anything anyway, so don't worry too much. I'm guilty of putting tremendous pressure on myself for dates. But it's not worth it to work yourself up. Just go in there, try to do your best and if they don't want to see you then it's not a big deal. Plenty of other people out there!

    • Thanks... 😊

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    • I did. We have it tonight. 😊

    • She did look great in that new outfit too


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  • Take it easy and casually, it's only been 3 weeks

    • What do you mean take it easy and casually?

    • No deep and meaningful discussions, no "what do you want out of a relationship", no sex unless you're looking for a ONS

    • Gotcha. I wasn't planning on having sex

  • Just be yourself. Like how you would normally be like on first dates.

  • I think you should have waited a few months... this may sound like a rebound to the girl.

    • Hmm.. ok. I didn't think of it that way