What happened to the bubbly, classy, sweet, nice girls? Why are they harder to find now?

It seems like the only girls I am finding (especially on dating sites), are far from the nice girl type.

Most of them are the promiscuous and bitchy types that have tattoos and piercings all over. That, or they have thick coatings of mascara and lipstick. And a lot of grungy type women too. Essentially, a lot of wild and party-type women.

Like this:
What happened to the bubbly, classy, sweet, nice girls? Why are they harder to find now?or this:

Even my examples are just touching the tip of the iceburg of what I am talking about.

What happened to the sweet, classy girls?


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  • Well those kind of girls don't really go on dating sights because they don't feel the need to... so the classy types its not like you find them on the Yellow pages if you get what im saying... if thats the kind of girl you are looking for you better forget dating sites and search elsewhere.. m😊


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  • You can't expect to find quality girls (even quality party girls, if that were your thing) on online dating sites. Of course there must be some "classy, sweet nice girls" on there but chances are you overlooked them because they weren't pretty, which is fine, just remember that it's slim pickings in online dating.


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  • I know tons of girls like that so maybe you should look a little better.

  • I'm guessing the sweet, classy girls you're looking for don't really use online dating. You may have to look for her in person.

  • Maybe because you're looking on dating sites? Just look for normal girls in real life.

    • The problem is I am a loner that lives at home still and has no connections.

    • Do you have any friends? If so, you could start going out to places with them and just talking to more girls. If not, you'll have to place up the courage to speak to girls by yourself. It's easier once you get started.
      Start going to do hobby things that you enjoy, going out for 1 quick quiet drink, go have coffee and people watch (even watch other guys and how they interact with girls) just go do anything. And even if you meet a girl you're not into, stay in contact with her and make her your friend- she'll have girl friends usually, and it's always good to know more people anyway. Guys you meet might have girl friends too, so don't totally rule them out.

      Living home really doesn't matter at your age. Any girl your age who thinks it's a big deal, she has something wrong with her. You're 22, not 42, it's normal.

    • Pluck not place, auto correct

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  • Lmfaooo!!! They're to busy giving in to social norms and trends for attention instead of having originality and individualality, and letting they're real personality shine through.