I called my crush "boo, bae, & babe" is that awkward?

We're in a Christian school and we learned about relationships and sex, then we had to do a skit where we had to act like a couple and show our classmates right and wrong & what not to do during a relationship, so my crush was my partner and we made a skit together, she asked me if she could read my skit and I saw her blush when she saw what I wrote "hey baby, whatchu tryna get into tonight?" Then after that she called me "babe" in her skit. (I'm literally smiling and have butterflies right now typing this shit). When we practiced our skit I kept calling her "bae, boo, baby & dude" and she called me "hun & babe" in her skit. Is it awkward calling your crush "baby" tho? & from a girl's perspective how would you feel?


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  • I hate those words. I would assume a guy was a player if he called me " babe" etc. It's so false and a turn off for me.

    • I said a "girl's perspective" not an old ladies

    • Even when I was an immature kid... like yourself I still despised it. So did all my friends too

  • Well:... it was for a skit, not legitimately calling each other babe etc. if I was ur partner for the skit, I'd take it as if it was part of school work and think nothing more of it

  • ı would feel okay


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