Am I doing the right thing? Does it seem like he likes me?

There's this boy that sits next to me in Biology and I kind of like him. He has social anxiety though and as a result of that he hasn't said one word to me since we first met and it's almost been 2 months. We sat with each other before and I made a joke to him and that was the first I realized that talking to him was going to be difficult because he doesn't respond to me. He defiantly listens though, I've caught him a few times watching me when I talk and he looks interested in what I'm saying but he doesn't jump into the conversation. He doesn't do this with all girls either, it's seems like he only does this with me. He actually has a few girl friends and a pretty decent amount of guy friends. When his seat was moved from next to me the teacher actually moved him back to next to me because he was talking too much. I've caught him a few times glancing at me and staring at me. I'll say hi to him and I've gotten a wave a few times but I can never tell if he means it or if he's doing it just get me to stop talking to him. He used to move his desk away from mine but doesn't really do that anymore. He also fidgets a lot around me drawing, tapping his pencil etc... He also accepted my Instagram request to follow him which I didn't think he would do to be honest. I got the notification that he requested me but I guess he second thought it because the notification disappeared after I went into the app. He's really confusing and I'm trying hard to get to know him and understand him. I guess I want your opinions on what you may think he's thinking. I've also caught his friends look at me and the they nudge him and they all start smiling smiling. I've seen his friends look at me with him too which makes me think maybe they talked about me? I'm not too sure.


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  • You are doing the right thing and he seems to like you.


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  • He probably has a crush on you too.