If you fall in love with a virgin would you want him/her to get experience before you 2 have sex?

  • Yes I dont like virgins
    0% (0)11% (1)5% (1)Vote
  • Yes i would be glad if they got experience
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  • No I would be glad to be their first
    100% (10)89% (8)95% (18)Vote
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  • No, most guys prefer virgin girls for long term relationships. I would prefer to be her first. All guys, virgin or experience prefer it


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  • I voted D : Your past is your past for a reason. I don't care how many guys have plowed you before. You are mine now. Simple.

    • 1mo

      You are bi?

    • 1mo

      Um... Yes?

      Even if I were straight, I'd have phrased it that way. I only said it that way because you are a woman. But if you were male, I'd have worded it slightly different.

  • I've been told that being a virgin is attractive by guys who are and aren't;t themselves