Describe the perfect girl for you?


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  • Smart, but not in a linear way. I like someone who's brain jump around a little, like mine

    Funny and gets my sense of humor. I have a very dry humor and most people don't get it. I love a girl who gets my jokes and doesn't just laugh even though she has no idea what I am saying.

    Respect her opinion. I don't have to, and don't want to, agree with her on everything, but I have to respect why she thinks the way she does.

    Someone I can talk to and never get tired of hearing her. That goes a long way with respecting her opinion. I want to hear about her day and not get board with it.

    Kind and giving to those she cares about. She doesn't have to treat everyone that way, but I have to see her be truly kind to someone other than me.

    Physically, I prefer short, small, dark hair... I need to be attracted to her, but all the little stuff goes out the window if she has the other stuff above.


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  • Someone I get along with


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