Girls, Can you clarify what you mean when you say this?

I had a women go your atttractive but I'm not interested, this always confuses me is there something off putting or are you just not looking at the moment for a boyfriend

Thanks again


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  • They just aren't interested. A guy can be gorgeous but just not for me. I can look and tell what is attractive by soceity standards... doesn't mean he's for me. Looks aren't whats super important it's what they say abotu the person and what you are looking for them to say...

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    • No... hmmmm let me think of an example. I'll brouse

    • Now I'm really curious


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  • Could be either one depending on the situation. I once said that to a guy because i just wanted to focus on getting through college. . . but he was persistent and then we ended up dating.

  • she's just not into you, i've rejected guys I thought were hot bc I also thought they were idiots
    maybe she was trying to put you down in a nice way or she actually found you physically attractive but not your personality
    you know, we're not so shallow as some might think

    • Well it was a girl on here she goes you attractive but this isn't a dating site

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    • So lookwise there's nothing wrong

    • And I'm definitely open to opportunitys

  • That's what I use to turn down a guy nicely.
    I'm not attracted to him, I'm not interested in dating him, so I need to say no but in a way that doesn't hurt his ego, feelings,,
    So I say you are cool but I'm not interested, you are attractive but I'm not interested, yadayada
    Simply means she's not interested.

    • So basically she wa calling me ugly in a polite way

    • No doesn't necessary mean you're ugly.
      It could be your personality, how you dressed, your hair, your hobbies, like it could be literally any little thing that she found it a turn off.