He's not kissed me, yet he said he likes me?

I've been about 8 dates with this guy over the course of a month (both 25), and they've all gone really well. He pays for them all (I insist on going halves) He's definitely growing on me, and he even admitted he liked me and enjoys our time together. Thing is, he hasn't kissed me yet. There's not even been any real flirting, just enjoyable conversation. When we say goodbye we kiss each other on the cheek and hug briefly.

We both came out of longterm relationships earlier this year, so I understand the need to get to know someone but this seems a bit strange and very slow. I mean, it's just a kiss right? It's not exactly a game-changer. I like him, so I'm happy to reciprocate a kiss but I never really initiate when I like someone whose got the potential of something more than a fling. Call me oldfashioned, but I like the man to take the lead (most of the time) at the beginning.

Any idea what's going on here? Am I making any mistakes?


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  • Yes your correct he should take the lead. However I think he is wise for not kissing yet. To you a kiss is no big deal but perhaps to him it seals your relationship aka marriage. He doesn't want to give mixed signals.
    On the next date ask him what's a kiss means to him and the importance of it.

    • Thanks for the opinion, much appreciated. We haven't really discussed anything personal or deep to be honest, maybe except the reasons we split up with our ex partners.

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  • Is he still interested in going on dates and spending time with you? If so, I wouldn't get too worried cos he would leave you otherwise. Guys who are more conservative with physical intimacy or even full on flirting sometimes may not want to spoil something and just want to focus on you. You said you want him to take the lead with this so maybe it's best for you to let him decide when it's right for that kind of intimacy. On the other hand if you think the relationship is stalling, I don't see any problem with you taking the lead and trying to initiate. Hope this helps 😊


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  • lol i wouldn't kiss you even after 10 months. it would be too weird and creepy and off timing. i suck with women. never understood these things. i guess the point is to not give a fuck and be spontaneous... . or something like that... .

    • Nice troll :p

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    • yeah some of us just dont have the whole romance thing... .

    • especially the whole body language subtle stuff. i gess thats where we screw up the most. after all 95% is non verbal communication or some shit like that... .

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  • i think he doesn't want you as girlfriend

    • What do you think he wants then?

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    • he wants to be sure his feelings and he understood your feelings

    • ah right, I understand you now. I think. I don't want to be his girlfriend, its waaaaaaaaaaaaay to early to think about that at this stage.