My 33 year old neighbor and I have been talking for a week. We hung out for coffee, & then dinner last night. He doesn't know me that well, but he said "oh I have to thank our property manager (who the entire building hates) and shake her hand, for getting us so frustrated that we ended up talking"... That is sweet and all, but he has only known me for 1 week? Thoughts?


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  • You can't tell at this point. Early on, guys often drop lines like that because even if the girl doesn't believe the lines, she likes hearing them. But it's so early in your relationship. Why worry about his intentions now when both of your intentions are certainly unclear at this point anyway? Just go with it and see how it goes, but as always, look out for yourself first.

    • For sure, I just am trying to save myself the time and potential disappointment if he is just feeding me these fake lines. But thanks!

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  • You can't judge if he's a player or not based on that statement alone. My intial thought wouldn't be that he's a player.

    The comment is sweet, he's just being nice


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  • I don't get it. So a guy is sweet to you and you call him a player.

    A guy who'll just act in your face call every girl including you hot, is not a player?

    I personally think he is being genuine. A player would have gone for sex on that meet itself.

    Can u help me out on a question pls? Point 3 includes some information which might help you decipher who or what is a player and who is a good person?


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