If he likes your smell, is this good?

I have a new friends with benefits who I am not sure about if he wants more.

I spent the night, he was quick to arrange another meet up. Later that evening he said he had got into bed and all he could smell was me/my perfume. I apologised and he said it wasn't a bad thing.

normal guy thing to say or am I insane thinking there's more there?


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  • There's more there. It was pretty flirty and daring for him to say that. Think about it, it means that he noticed your perfume in the first place, right? And it also means that he noticed that it was on the bed, so he was where you were. It also means that he was lying there smelling where you were... So I would definitely say that he's interested. You should also take into the consideration that he indirectly said that he noticed your perfume and was smelling it on the bed when he told you that. Usually people would be too shy or nervous to ever admit that they noticed that. But he was really honest and direct, also a bit flirty in saying that. So, in my personal opinion, he's certainly interested in you and there's a bit more there.

    • I never even thought about it in this way - thank you! I've been talking to him via whatsapp for 3 months (life circumstances, bereavements etc. meant we couldn't get together) and he is a lovely, kind guy but never one for giving compliments so I wasn't sure how to take it. I think there might be a spark of something there from my side as we only ever said casual to see how we get on... so watch this space.

    • Yeah no problem!! I have an interesting way of thinking about things! Yeah he probably was just being open and honest! Yeah you guys definitely seem to have something going on! I really hope that it goes greatly! :)

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  • I don't know if there's "more there" or not. But I do know what he's talking about. It's kind of. . . enchanting to still be able to smell the scent of a woman you've been with. Like he said though, it's a good thing!

  • yeah, obviously xD if we like the smell of a sexual partner, that´s our genetics telling us that we are compatible for procreation (in laymans terms).

    • So I need to practice procreation with him? Haha.
      I just wasn't sure if it was a line or genuine as I found I liked his smell too.

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    • dude men are humen just like women XD they just happen to have a different set of genitalia xD we are probably as insecure and as overanalyzing as you are ;)

    • lol humans xD i don´t think "humen" is a word, is it? ^^

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  • you're not insane. I like hearing my boyfriend say it but in your situation its probably just that he noticed it AND likes it. but you can't really read that he wants more from it.
    For that you'll probably need to ask or look for more clues of his interest
    good luck <3

  • It's a good thing but not necessarily indicative of something else