Why did this guy stop talking to me? I see him at school everyday and he treats me like I did something wrong we went on 1 date and it went well?

I'm so confused he said he wanted to have a second date also, I didn't even bring it up. On the date we made out and he kissed my chest area , he also asked me to give him a bj and I said no. But he wasn't mad about it he seemed cool , we texted for like a week after the date then he stopped texting me. At school he keeps looking at me so I went up to him and asked what happened and he said he "got busy" but still never texted, it was obvious he lost interest but why does he keep looking at me like he wants to talk to me and why did he loose interest?


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  • he lost interest because your a prude and you probably dont openly/forwardly show affection, and you expect/make the guy do everything. no guy in the world wants a girl like that.


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  • Stop him when you see him around. And ask it directly face-to-face