Met a married man on vacation from Australia that wants more?

I live in Las Vegas, recently got divorced haven't really dated since. A friend told me to try tinder and I figured why not? A guy kept messaging me and I really didn't pay attention. Finally after a week I read the messages. It said he was coming on vacation from Australia for 8 days and just wanted to party. I messaged him back I'd think about it. He messaged right away come ride in my Lamborghini, so that got my attention I figured ok I'll meet him. Its a public place if he's weird I can bail. Well he wasn't weird he was amazing, we drove the Lamborghini around, then next day he booked us more racing at the speedway, dinner reservations, helicopter tour of vegas and grand canyon, lakers game etc... this went on for 8 days. We spent almost every minute together. He was very upfront about being married but separated. Told me the first night about everything. I really feel like we bonded. He left over a week ago but texts me all day sends pictures, calls everynight. Says he's divorcing his wife and wants to move here. He keeps sending me house listings asking me find a house. Wants to take a vacation to hawaii with my kids. He even booked a flight and hotel for me to see my kids next week as a gift. They live out of state. I was in a terrible marriage lost everything in the divorce my main question is can I trust him or just ride the wave? He says he wants to move on with his life with me. We had an amazing 8 days but can I believe him? I even met his mom she came to vegas with his group and 6 of his friends. We all raced at the speedway together. Just dont want to be the dumb side girl, but he seems extremely honest about everything. What should I do? Long story I know lol I just need advice, its been a long time since I've cared for someone and I know 8 days isn't that long but could there be a chance? I've heard a man will never leave his wife but it seems he's investing so much time in trying to keep me? Says he wants a serious relationship.


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  • I will just say there is way funner thing to do in vegas with $5000 a Day or more if he wasn't really into you


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  • Met a married man... I didn't even have to read more because there's no ifs ands or buts. Married is married. Stay away.


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  • Leave that alone. Trouble down the road. You'll just get hurt if you catch feelings.

    • You think so? We're going on vacation tomorrow to cancun I just couldnt say no, I like the guy, think the feelings may have already been caught.

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  • umm dude
    he is married
    leave him alone and move on